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We run a small scale dairy farm on our property South of Adelaide at Willunga Hill. The base property of 100 acres was purchased by Mark’s parents just after they got engaged in 1958. The Tyler family have been milking cows here ever since.


How is our dairy different?


All calves are reared on their mothers until they are weaned at around 3 months old. Heifers are grown out to become future milking cows, bull calves are grown out to either be used for breeding or sold for beef.

Our emphasis is on producing the highest quality milk not on producing the highest quantity of milk. We feed the cows almost exclusively on pasture and hay, with only a small amount of grain at milking time. We try to provide a low stress environment for the cows, for example we walk to get the cows in for milking rather than using a motor bike. The result of these measures is that we are finding our cows will be productive cows for around 3 years longer than the industry average.

We are committed to pursuing legislation changes so that people who choose to consume raw milk can purchase it from farmers they trust will do everything they can to provide the best and therefore safest raw milk possible.

Unfortunately at present State legislation stipulates that we are unable to sell raw cow’s milk for human consumption, even if we produce it to the requirements of Standard 1.6.1 as set by Food Standards Australia and New Zealand. If we happened to produce goat’s milk to the same standard we could sell that, or if our farm was located in New Zealand we could sell it there.

Our desire is to keep working with the relevant Authorities, and to prove to them that we can produce raw milk of a standard that has no greater risk than numerous other foods that are available.

People interested in information about consumption of raw milk can contact The Raw Milk Advocacy Association of South Australia.

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